Derek DelGaudio –
Invisible Dialogues

Zitate zur Theorie und Politik des Zeigens.

IIt's difficult to be a storyteller and be a magician, because no matter what you say it's always colored with the lens of what he is trying to deceive because he is up to something, he is not telling the truth. People have a preconceived vision of what a magician is, that a magician keeps secrets from people. You know, a real magician keeps secrets for people. They keep the secrets to create moments of astonishment or moments of transformation and the secret becomes a hidden narrative.
[…] There is this two dialogues running parallel one to another – one that they [audience] can see and one that's implicit. And it's just knowing when to reveal that second dialogue that transforms the story.

Derek DelGaudio – Invisible Dialogues
Videobeitrag bei Future of StoryTelling

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